Food at the Seaview Tavern Donegal


Our seafood is sourced from the local pier and from nearby Greencastle Harbour and our dishes have been created based on great tasting and fresh Irish produce and are skillfully prepared by out passionate kitchen team.


Our meat is sourced locally from Ronald Boggs of Malin town. Bogg’s butchers are synonymous with quality and taste for generations. Ronald has inherited his father Bertie’s attention to detail. People travel from all over Inishowen to Bogg’s for their meat. 









The Freshest Seafood – The freshest Atlantic Wild Lobster prepared for your request.

So many customers have praised our chef’s culinary skills, they are too numerous to mention. Their attention to detail, consistency, their demand for the freshest produce are the reason for our food being the highest quality and taste.

We do take reservations although on busy summer weekends we may revert to a waiting list system rather than reservations. 

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Seaview Tavern
A La Carte Menu


Soup of the Day – Crusty bread roll                        €4.90

Creamy Seafood Chowder –  Fresh seafood in a creamy fennel veloute  with wheaten bread                                                                                 €6.95

Crab Bisque – Tomato based soup with dark crab meat & cream    €5.95

Chicken & Ham Vol-au-Vent – in a rich creamy sauce                       €6.50

Pan Fried Scallops – Chorizo, & creamy orzo pasta                           €8.50

Donegal Mussels – garlic & onion with creamy wine sauce &  garlic ciabatta    €6.00

Spicy Chicken Wings – BBQ Sauce                                                     €7.50

Chicken Caesar Salad –  Cajun chicken, baby gem, bacon. croutons, creamy garlic dressing                                                                                      €6.95

Boilie Goat’s Cheese –  Dressed leaves walnuts, pear segments, beetroot                                                                                                                           €6.95


Breaded Chicken Burger –                                                              €10.95
Floury bap, lettuce, tomato, onion & coleslaw

Chicken Bang-Bang –                                                                               €12.50
Tandoori marinade, prawn crackers

Chicken Stacker –                                                                                       €12.50
Sweet potato, pepper salsa, cheddar, mushroom sauce, tobaccos

Chicken Goujons –                                                                                     €12.00
Breaded chicken strips, duo of dips, dressed leaves

Sweet Chilli Chicken Stir fry –                                                                  €13.00
Julienne Vegetables, chinese noodles

Boneless chinese Style Half Roast Duck –                                           €15.00
Chinese noodles, veg julienne & hoi-sin sauce

10oz Sirloin Steak –                                                                                    €19.75
Pepper sauce, mushroom & onions

Homemade 8oz Steakburger w/bacon & cheese                           €11.95
Floury bap, tomato, lettuce, onion, coleslaw

Surf & Turf  –                                                                                             €24.95
10oz Sirloin steak sizzler with garlic butter, king prawns, & crab toes

Battered Fillet of Cod –                                                                          €12.95
Mushy peas, tartare sauce lemon wedge, sea salt

Oven Baked Monkfish –                                                                       €18.00
Fennel, smoked bacon, cream

Baked Seabass with Mushroom Sauce –                                        €19.00

Seafood Platter –    Donegal mackeral, smoked salmon, crab toes, prawns, mussels, wheaten bread, (Cold dish)     N/S                                           €18.95

Crusty Topped  Fillet of Cod –                                                           €13.50

Caesar Salad   w/Peri-peri Seabass – €18.00                                                                            or Grilled Salmon – €14.50


Vegetable Springs Rolls –                                                                      €12.95  
Sweet chilli dip

Goat’s Cheese Tarlets –                                                                          €12.95
Red onion marmalade & topped with Goat’s Cheese


Main Courses are served with on side-order unless stated N/S


Home-Made Chips, Garlic Potatoes, Creamed Potato, Champ, Saute Potatoes, Baked Potato, Baby Boiled Potatoes, Fresh Market Vegetables, Saute Onions, Saute Mushrooms, Tossed Salad and Garlic Ciabatta



Escalope of Chicken
4oz Beef Burger
4oz Cheeseburger
Fish Fingers
Battered Cod                                                                                                    Sausages
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Goujons
Chicken Burger
Pasta and Butter


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