Things to Do in Malin Head

Malin Head is without doubt one of the most picturesque areas of Ireland.

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Five Fingers Strand and Knockamany Bens

One of the most breathtaking views can be seen from Knockamany Bens of the sandbanks at Lagg and the Five Fingers Strand.

The Curiosity Shop

Here is a quaint establishment owned and run by Pete and Susan McAvenue. A great place to stop and find unusual items and knick knacks of your visit to Malin Head. Pete and Susan also have the local tourist information centre and have a warm and friendly attitude to all their patrons.

The Raised Beach At Malin Head

Here you can find a full beach of semi precious stones created by volcanic activity. This beach is of great geological importance and is featured in numerous books as any student of this science will tell you. Needless to say the stones should not be removed as the law prohibits this.

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Wee House of Malin and 15th Century Church and Malin Well

The Wee House of Malin” is the little cave behind the ruins of the old church. Supposedly the home of a family – there is a saying that no matter how many people enter it holds all that enter it. The “Saint” venerated was St.Muirdhealach. He supposedly blessed the well (located in a cavern underneath the large rock directly in front of the ruins of the church).
Wee House of Malin, History, Our Lady's Statue

Banba’s Crown

Banba’s Crown is the most northerly point in Ireland. Lloyd’s Signal Tower is located here and was built in 1805.This was used as the radio station and to monitor shipping. In fact the California Goldrush, the Asassination of President Lincoln and other historical records were 1st introduced to Europe through this station. You can also see the word EIRE laid out in large white stones to enable aircraft to identify where they were flying over to prevent them from bombing Ireland , which was neutral during WWII.
Weather Station, Malin Head

Inishtrahull Lighthouse – Ireland’s Most Northerly Lighthouse

From the Seaview you can clearly see Inishtrahull Island located 6 miles off the coast approx. Ireland’s most northerly lighthouse is situated here as are the ruins of the houses of this island community. It was vacated in 1929 approx. The ruins of the islanders homes still remain along with the local graveyard. You can clearly see where the islanders grew their potatoes as the ridges are still visible. The only inhabitants now are a few deer and a lot of rabbits! You can often see seals and there cubs lying on the rocks behind the island. Boat trips can be organised to enhance your stay in Malin Head.

Hell’s Hole

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Devil’s Bridge


(Children Should Be Supervised)

It is nearby the tower that scenes for Star Wars Episode VIII were filmed.